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Case 2: Cluster Munition Coalition Humanitarian disarmament

Cluster munitions often contain hundreds of smaller explosives, or submunitions, which can cover an area the size of several football pitches. The many submunitions that fail to explode and are left lying around pose the same hazard as landmines. Cluster munitions cause countless innocent victims, often many years after conflict has ceased. Nearly all cluster munitions victims are civilians.

As co-founder of the international Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) PAX has been campaigning for a world free of these horrific weapons for many years. Our lobbying and campaigning contributed to the creation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) in 2008. To this end we worked with states, (international) organizations in the CMC, and cluster munitions survivors. Today we monitor the strict compliance with the treaty, alongside our global campaign to outlaw investment in companies producing these weapons.

PAX's actvivities to ban cluster munitions fall under the topic Humanitarian disarmament. Other programmes within the same topic include: