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Case 4: Iraq Community based security and human rights

After the fall of Saddam Hussein the tension between Sunni and Shia Muslims increased in Iraq. An attack on the Golden al-Askari Mosque, sacred to the Shiites, led to a wave of violence between several communities. The region plunged into yet another serious crisis following the emergence of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), which advanced from Syria to Iraq in 2014. Millions of people in and outside Iraq fled from the violence, and thousands of civilians were killed.

In its Kulluna Muwatinum (We are all citizens) programme PAX encourages dialogue, particularly among the youth. Young Iraqis have grown up in a strongly divided country. Very little is know about 'the other' from other communities. By establishing the 'Ambassadors of Citizenship' network PAX is succeeding in bringing communities together. Hundreds of young people are now involved in organizing activities that facilitate dialogue, contact, tolerance and the exchange of ideas.

PAX’s activities in Colombia fall under the topic Community Based Security and Citizens Rights. Other programmes within the same topic include: