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Case 1: South Sudan Protection of civilians

South Sudan achieved independence in 2011 and took its first tentative steps towards peace and democracy. But the violent past had left deep wounds, resulting in political conflict in late 2013 that erupted into a violent struggle with disastrous consequences for the population. Murder, rape and arson are commonplace. Tens of thousands of people have died and some two million people have fled the country. Anarchy is rife.

With local partners PAX monitors security to protect civilians against acts of war. By initiating dialogue, we can help enhance mutual trust and play a part in the reconciliation and peace processes. PAX brings the security needs of civilians to the attention of the United Nations (UN). We arrange contact between the UN mission in South Sudan and the local population to guarantee that protection offered by the UN is in line with the needs of the population.

PAX’s activities in South Sudan fall under the topic Protection of Civilians. Other programmes within the same topic include: