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Case 5: The Balkans Dealing with the past

Following the collapse of Yugoslavia and subsequent wars, the United Nations designated Srebrenica as a 'safe area'. An international peace force was to guarantee the safety of the population. Despite being under the protection of Dutch UN soldiers, over 8000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, became the victims of genocide in July 1995.

PAX is actively involved both for and with the survivors of Srebrenica on many different fronts. PAX supports their Campaign for Truth and Justice and the Memorial Centre in Potocari (Srebrenica). We arrange for contact between Dutchbat soldiers and survivors. We also work with the municipality of Srebrenica and civil society organizations. We aim with this approach to establish truth and justice and to promote dialogue and cooperation between ethnic groups. We do so together with a number of partners including The Memorial Centre and survivor associations.

PAX’s activities in Srebrenica fall under the topic Dealing with the past. Other programmes within the same topic include: