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Defense and Security Policies

In this project, the lessons and experiences PAX and partners obtain working on the ground in conflict areas with regard to protecting civilians are used to inform policymakers and advise on the deployment of resources in conflict regions.

Protection of Civilians policies

What sort of protection mission should the UN provide in Mali? How can NATO further improve on its Protection of Civilians (PoC) policy? Is the anti-IS coalition doing enough to prevent civilian casualties? And which resources should European countries acquire in order to be able to adequately protect civilians in the future? Those are the sort of questions the Defence and Security Policy (DSP) project deals with.

In 2017 the project focusses on NATO and the UN. NATO’s new PoC policy is implemented in 2017 and 2018. At the UN the thinking about and application of Protection of Civilians in peace keeping missions is periodically reviewed. The project seeks to influence these processes through constructive recommendations and participation in discussion fora. Furthermore, the project contributes to several civil-military exercises and trainings.

Protection of Civilians