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Gender Pilot Ukraine 2018

The Gender Pilot is a research project conducted in the Eastern Ukraine that aims to explore the nature of problems ordinary citizens are facing due to the armed conflict in Ukraine.

The main purpose of this pilot research project is to get a better understanding of the problems faced by ordinary people, living in extraordinary conditions due to the armed conflict. Special attention is given to a gender sensitive approach during  the preparation, implementation of the research as well as analysis of the data.

A considerable number of men and women in Ukraine are impacted by the armed conflict in Ukraine either directly (participation in the war) or indirectly (internal displacement of 2 million individuals, labour migration). The gender roles of men and women in public and private life also start to change in the context of war economy. In order to provide effective support measures, it is important to closely follow these developments and foresee their potential implications for the peacebuilding process. 

The  focus of the research is to identify:

  • How state authorities, civil society and international community can improve the situation of different individuals living in extreme conditions
  • Understand the nature and consequences of different vulnerabilities within the population in a situation of an insufficient or slow response to the armed conflict from the state authorities, civil society and international community

An interdisciplinary research team is responsible for gathering the data. On the basis of an in-depth analysis, recommendations will be made to state institutions and non-governmental organizations at the local, national and international levels to improve the effectiveness of their assistance.

Activiteiten & Resultaten

  • Research, publication and round-table

    Research, publication and round-table

    • Research
      Semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions are planned with approx. 50 respondents
    • Publication
      The analysis and results of the research will be discussed in a publication.
    • Round-table
      At the end of the project community sessions will be organized to discuss the results of the research and the problems and vulnerable groups that were identified. Gender-related challenges will be included in the agenda.

    PAX plans to implement follow-up activities to address the identified priority areas in terms of supporting the vulnerable groups facing problems due to the extraordinary living conditions near the contact line.


Andriy Korniychuk, Programme Manager Eastern Europe & Eurasia, korniychuk(javascript needed for readable email)

Gender, Peace & Security, Community Based Security and Citizens Rights - Ukraine