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Palestine and Israel

Peace organisation PAX supports the work of Palestinian and Israeli peace activists, facilitates regional dialogue, and improves the human security of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the C areas.

Situation & Urgency

The conflict between Israel, Palestine and the Arab world is the subject of deep political concern. Israel has occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip since the end of the 1967 War. For the Middle East, this is one of the conflicts that threaten stability. For the West, it is a conflict that touches geopolitical interests while raising historical and ethical questions.

Activiteiten & Resultaten

  • Lobbying & advocacy

    Lobbying & advocacy

    Settlements and their ongoing expansion are a huge threat to the possibility to find a satisfying two state solution. With Israeli and Palestinian peace organisations, PAX advocates in Brussels, in Israel and in the Netherlands for international pressure regarding this policy. To create a political more level playing field, PAX lobbies with its Israeli and Palestinian partners for recognition of the Palestinian state, development opportunities and freedom of movement for Palestinians. Within UCP PAX supports a lobby on a swift reconstruction of Gaza.

  • Support


    We support social cohesion and self reliance in Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem through capacity building, involving youth in actively contributing to the neighbourhoods social and public space and supporting a network of neighbourhood organisations. Palestinian women in East Jerusalem and Bethlehem governorate are capacitated to take responsibility for human security in their own neighbourhoods and communities.

  • Arab Peace Initiative project

    Arab Peace Initiative project

    The Arab Peace Initiative project is a response from Israeli,  Palestinian, Arab and international civil society  to the Arab Peace Initiative. This initiative (2001) from Arab countries  offers peace and normalisation  to Israel providing the occupation ends, the green line is respected and negotiated  solutions are found for  the  issue of the Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.  The project lobbies and campaigns  in Israel, internationally and pressures the Arab League to actively pursuit the proposal.

  • Bringing Peace Together

    Bringing Peace Together

    Bringing Peace Together is a platform of Israeli and Palestinian peace organisations, which advocates in Israel and the Palestine, in Brussels as well as with international representatives in Jerusalem.

  • United Civilians for Peace

    United Civilians for Peace

    United Civilians for Peace (UCP) is a partnership of ICCO, Cordaid, Oxfam Novib and PAX. UCP is committed to a just and peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the rights and interests of citizens are central. Our principles are international law and human rights.


The opportunity to bring about a two-state solution is receding due to the continual expansion of settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. The settler movement is very influential in Israeli politics. The Palestinian Authority is divided and its support base among the population is small. The civil war in Syria is exacerbating instability in the region and imperilling prospect for new attempts to reach peace.

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