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PoC Capacities and Training

This project deals with connecting international PoC actors constructively with the needs and capacities of civilians in conflict. Peacekeeping missions (PKOs) with a PoC mandate aim to protect civilians in conflict when their security is at stake. But despite strong reviews and reports, the missions continue to struggle to protect civilians in practice. One challenge is to connect the capabilities of a mission effectively to the protection needs of the population.

This project contributes to addressing that challenge by utilizing local perspectives to inform comprehensive field readiness for PoC missions. The main activities consist of training Dutch officers, contributing to international training for peacekeeping missions and advocating for civilian perspectives in training and policies.

In 2016, PAX helped to facilitate a training in Rwanda for civilian, police and military staff to prepare them to participate in peacekeeping missions. We contributed to discussions on PoC (Advisory Council on International Affairs) and comprehensive approaches to security (The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy). We further contributed to discussions on PoC during several visits to meet with UN stakeholders in NYC and through lectures on PoC in Germany and in the Netherlands.

In 2017, PAX organized an international event on PoC to link innovative approaches and practitioners with policy makers, trained Dutch officers, participated in various policy meetings in NYC, South Sudan and the Hague and continued to connect PoC initiatives to the perspectives and capacities of civilians in conflict.

In 2018, PAX organized the conference “Applying Data for Peacekeeping” in the Hague. The conference brought together researchers and data specialists, peacekeeping staff and policy makers, who discussed how to link innovations in data collection and analysis to improve peacekeeping in practice.

Protection of Civilians