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The Activist Hive

The Activist Hive brings together knowledge and experiences of activists from different parts of the world who are working for peaceful and just societies. We developed several tools to empower activists and strengthen their capacities in strategy development, effective action and storytelling.

What do we mean with an activist?

An activist is a person who diligently and repeatedly tries to achieve some social, economic, or political objective, especially by participation in protest, pressure, organizing, or resistance. Taken from: Sharps Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil Resistance in Conflicts

Activists are everywhere and they leave no issues untouched: from big global issues such as the fight against poverty, violent extremism or climate change, to local issues such as the protection of public spaces in urban environments or protests against demolishing historic buildings.

Through The Activist Hive we support those activists who aim for peace, connection, and change in their community or society. Inspired by the peaceful popular revolutions in Eastern Europe and the Arab world we understand that revolutions do not start by assembling thousands of people on the streets and squares. This visible climax is oftentimes the result of long term nonviolent movement working on positive social change.

Building a movement starts with the first step: organizing an event, writing a letter of support to release a political prisoner perhaps. But how to move from small individual actions to more strategically organized campaigns and larger movements? How to develop creative ideas to move forward? What are the do’s and don’ts when organizing actions? How to explain a social issue in an attractive way? We developed a series of tools to support activists answering these questions.

Activiteiten & Resultaten

  • The Activist Lab

    The Activist Lab

    The Activist Lab is a creative workshop model in which a maximum of 25 participants are guided through a time-pressured, creative process to interact, network and exchange knowledge in order to develop innovative and concrete actions to tackle an urgent local issue. The diversity of participants, from activists to designers, from experts to artists, guarantees a fresh perspective, new energy, and sometimes unintended, but always surprising results.

  • The Activist Academy

    The Activist Academy

    The Activist Academy is a training module through which peaceful activists develop skills to develop longer-term strategies to mobilize their community and change policies.

  • Activist Action

    Activist Action

    This is a workshop module to develop new actions to mobilize people and raise awareness for your issues, combined with useful do’s and don’ts when organizing actions.

  • Activist TV

    Activist TV

    Activist TV is a workshop model where peace activists learn how to tell a better story about their work or issues themselves. Activist TV is also the Youtube channel of The Activist Hive to promote, debate, and showcase peaceful activism. 

Contact information

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