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In Africa, peace organisation PAX works in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the borderlands with Uganda and Kenya. Our programmes in Africa focus on encouraging dialogue between ethnic groups, and between citizens and their governments.

South Sudan
PAX's South Sudan programme aims at dialogue between the various population groups in South Sudan and between the governments and their citizens.

In 2005, Sudan signed a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) with the southern part of the country. PAX watched over the implementation of the agreements made and spread CPA alerts. On 9 January 2011, a majority of the population in the south of Sudan voted for an independent South Sudan. A half year later, the Republic of South Sudan came into existence.

Oil played an important role in the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. That is why we and the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS) work to ensure that oil extraction in South Sudan contributes to peace and sustainable development. For more information on this these check out the page on resources and conflict.

DR Congo
In the DR Congo, PAX operates in Ituri and Haut Uele. There we support local peace committees, facilitate dialogue between civilians, government and army about security problems and we carry out research on resources, arms and land conflicts.

We are also concerned with the conflict around Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. He started his terror twenty years ago in Northern Uganda and since then has moved his activities to the borderlands between DR Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya
PAX's Borderlands programme promotes peace dialogue between nomadic communities and the government, army and police. PAX co-founded and supports a cross-border network of local organisations and the church. They act as peacemakers in inter-communal conflicts and as intermediaries in the disconnect between communities and government. Together we lobby for regional peace and security. Sports and theatre are being used to bring rival groups together and to raise awareness on human rights violations and breaking the cycle of violence. PAX and local partners contribute to a process of conflict transformation and reconciliation.