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Middle East

PAX has been working in the Middle East since the 1990s. Since 2000, its focus has been on local civil society and individual activists who can play a role in social and political changes in the region.

We concentrate on augmenting trust and normalising relations. We work on society's structure and build peace within and between societies to create a new political climate.

In the Middle East, we rely on the following four positions:

  • Resolving sectarian, ethnic and tribal conflicts helps reach freedom, dignity and civil rights.
  • Local governments create a favourable environment for civil society to strengthen social cohesion. They increase the scope of democracy as instrument for sustaining minority rights.
  • Regional mediation structures or regional organisations (like the Arab League) prevent the risk of violent regional conflicts and operate from a search for peace that involves all.
  • International actors like the EU and European states have developed their Middle East policy on the principle that preventing conflict and maintaining security must coincide with a positive response to the call for freedom and dignity coming from the citizens of the Arab world.