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The Balkans

In the Balkans PAX works with local partners on inter-group dialogue and on strengthening local governance. In all programmes, we combine community work with advocacy.

Kosovo and Serbia have been mired in conflict for years. Kosovo declared independence in 2008, which is disputed by Serbia. The Kosovo government has little to no say in northern Kosovo, where many Serbs live.

The prospect of EU membership  can help stimulate better relations between Kosovo and Serbia. After earlier negotiations failed, Serbia and Kosovo engaged in talks mediated by the EU in March 2011. Citizens feel excluded from this dialogue. Specifically in northern Kosovo there is resistance against the negotiated agreements. PAX advocates for the role of the EU as a peacemaker, which entails transparancy and citizens’ involvement in these talks.

In the divided city of Mitrovica, which is located in this area, PAX supports the efforts of local organisations to improve relations between population groups and encourage responsible and good governance on the local level.

PAX also strives for truth and justice for the victims of Srebrenica and stimulates talks between victims and Dutch citizens involved.