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The Netherlands

  • Peace Week

    Peace Week

    Every September starting in 1967, PAX organises the national Peace Week. Together with thousands of people throughout Netherlands, we show that there is a better way. Everyone can contribute to peace!

    The Netherlands
  • Story of a Refugee

    Story of a Refugee

    The Story of a Refugee project gives faces to the refugees from Syria and contributes to a mutual understanding between Syrian and Dutch youth.

    The Netherlands
  • Embassies for Peace

    Embassies for Peace

    In the Netherlands, PAX works on a peaceful and inclusive society, along with involved citizens. PAX understands that true social change is only possible when people promote and support it. The network of local peace groups, the PAX Embassies for Peace, work to obtain peace and connection in Dutch society.

    The Netherlands
  • The Activist Hive

    The Activist Hive

    The Activist Hive brings together knowledge and experiences of activists from different parts of the world who are working for peaceful and just societies. We developed several tools to empower activists and strengthen their capacities in strategy development, effective action and storytelling.

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