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Dealing with the Past

  • Supporting victims in Colombia

    Supporting Victims in Colombia

    In Colombia peace organisation PAX offers support to victims of the armed conflict and their families. In particular, we seek to increase the capacity of victims’ organisations from the Cesar, Cauca and Meta (Macarena) regions to push for the implementation of their rights. Furthermore, in the Cauca region PAX accompanies the reintegration of former (guerrilla) combatants from indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, who – after the signing of the Peace Agreement – are expected to return to their communities of origin.

    Dealing with the Past, Community Based Security and Citizens Rights Colombia
  • Srebrenica commemoration, juli 11, 2012, Potocari

    Bosnia and Herzegovina (Srebrenica)

    Peace organization PAX supports the survivors of the Srebrenica massacre and the next of kin of those who perished. It supports their campaigns for truth and justice, and organizes commemorations and stimulates dialogue between Dutch battalion members and Srebrenica widows, to increase feelings of recognition, foster mutual understanding and to help to deal with traumas on all sides. The Potocari Memorial Center is an important partner in all this work.

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  • South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya: Peace dialogue and reconciliation

    South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya: Peace dialogue and reconciliation

    PAX has co-founded a network of organisations and churches in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Pax supports partners in facilitating peace dialogue between rivalling communities and the government to promote peace, security and collaboration.

    Dealing with the Past, Community Based Security and Citizens Rights Africa
  • Regional Western Balkan

    Regional Western Balkans

    From 2015 onwards, PAX decided to develop a specific program focusing on Dealing With the Past in the Western Balkan region (Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia), to better facilitate cooperation between local civil society initiatives on memorialization. We also carry out research on this topic, try to link up these initiatives to national and international lobby agendas.

    Dealing with the Past Europe
  • Mitrovica


    PAX works to involve citizens from all of Kosovo’s communities in the local, national, and international policymaking processes that affect their lives. PAX strives to bring citizens together to address challenges of common interest, such as poor governance, weak rule of law, and the unresolved legacy of violent conflict.

    Dealing with the Past, Local Governance and Peacebuilding, Community Based Security and Citizens Rights Europe