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Local Governance and Peacebuilding

It is crucial for us to figure out and deal with the underlying causes of the conflict in post-conflict regions. This does not just involve dealing with the past in a critical fashion. The structures that must provide peace and democracy and that must make reconstruction feasible must also be called into question.

That is why PAX tries to combine processes of peacebuilding with processes of state building. Eventually, democratisation and legitimate and accountable governance have to prevent the outbreak of new cycles of violence.

In many regions we try to include local and regional governments in our peace work, for example in South Sudan (setting up and training councils at village level) and in Iraq (where we work in the north with Provincial Councils and District Councils and are involved in setting up local peace committees that can dialogue with local government). Often we function as bridge builders between civil society and local and regional governments.

We also contribute to the discussions on decentralisation in the different regions, in relation to conflict and peacebuilding.

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