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Public prosecutor

Comments on the preliminary investigation into crimes under international law in Sudan (2012-03-22)

Since June 2010 district public prosecutor Magnus Elving at the office of the International Public Prosecutor in Stockholm has been conducting a preliminary investigation into crimes against international human rights in Sudan during the period 1997 to 2003.

Lundin and crimes against international law (2012-05-03)

According to the prosecutor, the investigation should answer three central questions:

  • Is it possible to prove that the alleged crimes committed in Block 5A by the military and militias associated with the government took place during the relevant period?
  • In this case, were individuals with links to Sweden aware of these crimes?
  • Have these people in any way encouraged crimes by “word or deed” – that is to say, have they, through their actions, decisions, psychological influence or in any other way, encouraged the perpetrators in their decisions to commit criminal acts?