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  • PAX to work with peace tribunal on justice for victims in Colombia

    12-11-2018 In order to give the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia better access to the justice system, and to hear more of their testimonies, PAX and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on aspects of transitional justice agreed to in the Colombian peace accord of 2016.

  • PAX calls to end the fighting in Yemen

    08-11-2018 Fully half of the people living in Yemen -- fourteen million men, women and children -- on the brink of famine. It’s time to act.

    Middle East
  • Protect the environment during armed conflict

    06-11-2018 People caught up in armed conflicts are not only threatened by violence – they also face dangers and insecurity due to water scarcity, life-threatening pollutants or collapsing buildings. Governments should help protect people caught up in armed conflicts by doing more to protect their environment.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Criminal investigation into mining multinational Drummond

    02-11-2018 On Tuesday October 30 Colombian authorities confirmed that they have started a criminal investigation into mining company Drummond over alleged financing of paramilitary forces. The investigation confirms the seriousness of the longstanding allegations and, at the same time, the need for truth and remedy for the many victims and their communities.

    Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights, Colombia
  • Human reality of drones strikes

    24-10-2018 ‘What did we do to be targeted by armed drones?’ This is an often-heard question from civilians living under the rapidly increasing presence of armed drones in countries like Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. PAX, an international NGO, is launching a new report at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that aims to translate the legal debate around the disputed use of armed drones in secret counter-terrorism operations into the everyday life challenges of survivors of drone strikes.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • PAX promotes disarmament at the UN

    22-10-2018 PAX is having a busy couple of weeks at the United Nations in New York. The UN General Assembly’s First Committee, which deals with all matters related to disarmament and global threats to peace, is holding its 73rd session. A number of PAX disarmament experts are there to engage with delegations on a variety subjects and UN resolutions that will be voted upon later this month.

  • Prodeco advances on peace and reconciliation

    18-10-2018 Mining company Prodeco is leading by example by taking concrete steps that contribute to peace in Colombia. At a recent commemoration of victims in Estados Unidos, close to Prodeco’s La Jagua mine, CEO Mark McManus clearly voiced the company’s commitment to regional peacebuilding. PAX is positive about the actions taken by Prodeco as they are key towards building trust and a reconciliation dialogue.

    Dealing with the Past, Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights, Colombia
  • ING, stop investing in nuclear weapons industry

    15-10-2018 The iconic ING bank´s lion kicking away a nuclear cruise missile: that image was projected Monday night onto the ING headquarters in Amsterdam. On Tuesday morning, anyone entering the building will be tested for nuclear radiation with a Geiger counter. With these stunts, PAX is launching a campaign to get the Dutch multinational bank to stop investing in producers of nuclear weapons.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Nobel Peace Prize condemns sexual violence

    05-10-2018 PAX congratulates Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

    Gender, Peace & Security, Africa, Middle East
  • Basra protestors should be heard

    03-10-2018 Protests have escalated once again in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

    Protection of Civilians, Middle East