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  • "Palestinian women need to be heard"

    01-12-2020 How does the corona crisis exacerbate the already difficult situation for Palestinians? To find out, PAX’s general director Anna Timmerman talked with Lucy Nusseibeh, the founder and chairperson of Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND), one of PAX’s partner organizations in Palestine. They spoke about strengthening the voice of women and nonviolent resistance, and about hope in almost hopeless times. Nusseibeh: "Every form of trust and support helps girls to get more out of themselves."

    Middle East
  • Dutch scientists call for ban on killer robots

    30-11-2020 In an open letter to the Dutch government, more than 150 scientists in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics call for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons, popularly known as killer robots. These are weapons that can select and attack targets without meaningful human control.

    Humanitarian Disarmament, The Netherlands
  • Inclusive memorialization is crucial for the future of the Western Balkans

    20-11-2020 For the future of the Western Balkans it is important that atrocities committed during the wars of the 90s are jointly acknowledged and remembered. Such inclusive commemorations should serve as a counter balance to the often one-sided and ethno-nationalist views and narratives created by the ruling political elite in Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the main conclusion of a report by Peace organization PAX, mapping a number of Inclusive Memory Initiatives in the Western Balkans.

    Dealing with the Past, Europe
  • European Peace Facility may fuel conflicts

    19-11-2020 The European Union´s proposed Peace Facility may not facilitate peace at all. In fact, it risks fuelling conflict and human rights abuses around the world if it goes through in its current form.

  • Violence and wildfires driving people from their lands in Iraqi Kurdistan

    13-11-2020 Between May and September 2020 nearly 300.000 acres of land were burned during military campaigns taking place in Iraqi Kurdistan. Shelling and bombing resulted in bushfires and caused the displacement of thousands of people, destroying their livelihoods and damaging fragile ecosystems.

    Humanitarian Disarmament, Middle East
  • Building peace by protecting the environment

    06-11-2020 As wildfires rage through countries in conflict and oil spills and toxic waste threaten to cause environmental catastrophes in warzones, the environmental dimensions of armed conflicts are now more urgent than ever.

    Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights
  • PAX webinar Working at the UN

    04-11-2020 Brittany Roser has worked for PAX as a UN advocacy advisor in New York since March 2019. What challenges has she faced? What has she achieved in the world’s largest and most diverse international policymaking forum? What does her workday look like? Find out more during this webinar.

  • Mayor of Hawijah, Subhan Al Jabouri: "Some families were completely wiped out"

    29-10-2020 June 2015, Dutch F-16s bombed an ISIS Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosives Devices factory in Hawijah, Iraq. Secondary explosions caused by the airstrike killed at least 70 civilians and wounded hundreds more. Subhan Al Jabouri, Hawaijah’s mayor explains how the bombardment still affects the daily life in the city: ”The horror of this strike had a profound psychological effect on the psyche of the victims, as it led to the death of dozens of families and the injury of hundreds. Some families were completely wiped out, others lost at least three or four family members."

    Protection of Civilians, Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Nuclear weapons soon to be illegal

    27-10-2020 Nuclear weapons are about to become illegal. The UN treaty banning nuclear weapons will go into force in January now that the 50th country has ratified it. “This is a huge step towards a nuclear-free world,” said PAX's Susi Snyder.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Protect civilians from the use of explosive weapons

    27-10-2020 Better protection of civilians is needed against the effects of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. This is what PAX and the British organization Airwars found in their investigation into the use of explosive weapons in recent international military campaigns in the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Hawija, and in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

    Humanitarian Disarmament, Middle East