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  • No against investments in nukes grows stronger

    No against investments in nukes grows stronger

    21-10-2019 New research by PAX and ICAN shows more and more financial institutions are saying no to nuclear weapons. The Don’t Bank on the Bomb report, Beyond the Bomb, profiles 77 banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions with policies to not invest in nuclear weapons producers. This is an increase of 14 since the 2018 report.

  • Photo: Daniel Maissan

    Prodeco-Glencore reflects on possible complicity in human rights abuses

    18-10-2019 Mining company Prodeco-Glencore seems to take steps in seriously assessing its human rights impact in mining region of Cesar. In its recently published Sustainability Report the Swiss mining company acknowledges the possibility of ‘complicity with human rights abuses by the armed forces’ and being ‘linked to breaches of international humanitarian law.’

    Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights, Colombia
  • Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Photo (2018) Wikimedia Commons / CC0 1.0

    Nobel Prize is justified recognition for peace work in the Horn of Africa

    11-10-2019 PAX warmly congratulates Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia on winning the Nobel Peace Prize 2019. Ahmed managed to end the years of struggle between Ethiopia and neighboring country Eritrea. He has been rapidly implementing democratic reforms since his appointment in April 2018.

  • Citizens are fleeing the Ras al-Ein region in North East Syria.

    PAX: Turkey, stop offensive!

    10-10-2019 The Turkish offensive in north-east Syria has started. Villages and cities alongside the border have been bombed and are under fire of artillery. Turkish troops are entering Syria to fight, with the help of mainly Arab loyal militias, mainly Kurdish forces. Reportedly one aim is to create a “safe zone”, to be emptied for the “resettlement” of 2 million Syrian refugees that are now residing in Turkey.

    Middle East
  • 'Show solidarity, prevent mass atrocities in North East Syria'

    08-10-2019 International solidarity is needed to prevent mass atrocities against Arab and Kurdish citizens in the North East of Syria, PAX’ partners in Syria claim.

    Protection of Civilians, Middle East
  • Stop violence against Iraqi protesters, listen to them

    08-10-2019 The violent response by the Iraqi government to peaceful protests should stop immediately. Last week Iraqi citizens – mostly young people – took to the streets in the capital Baghdad, non-violently demonstrating against the current living conditions in their country.

    Middle East
  • Recognition for peacebuilding and reconciliation in the Balkans

    Recognition for peacebuilding and reconciliation in the Balkans

    03-10-2019 A new generation of young people committed to peace and human rights has received the prestigious Václav Havel Prize. The prize is named after one of the founders of Charta '77 which advocated a peaceful overthrow of the communists in Czechoslovakia. The Youth Initiative for Human Rights receives the award for its outstanding work on peacebuilding and reconciliation in former Yugoslavia.

    Dealing with the Past, Europe
  • 12 more states join the Nuclear Ban Treaty

    12 more states join the Nuclear Ban Treaty

    30-09-2019 12 more states haven taken a step towards banning nuclear weapons.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Work at a coal mine in Colombia. Photo: Kelly Michals, Flickr

    EnBW puts PR above Human Rights

    26-09-2019 PAX has ended its engagement with German energy company EnBW. PAX came to this decision, together with the German NGOs MISEREOR and Urgewald, after EnBW published a report on its Colombian coal supply.

    Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights, Colombia
  • Peace Week

    Peace Week

    25-09-2019 It’s Peace Week here in the Netherlands. PAX is organizing hundreds of activities throughout the country: from film evenings to lecture tours and from festivals to debates. There’s something for everyone. The theme of this year’s Peace Week is ‘Peace unites across borders’.

    The Netherlands