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Budrus: a ray of hope for endurable peace


During Amnesty's Movies That Matter Festival, Pax-it interviewed the actor Ayed Morrar about the documentary Budrus: a ray of hope for endurable peace.

Budrus - a documentary about the successful nonviolent resistance that took place in Budrus (Occupied Palestinian Territories) against the building of the Israeli Separation barrier. Interview with Ayed Morrar, a Palestinian leader of the movement and Iltezam Morrar, Ayed’s daughter. Ayed Morrar has won the Amnesty International’s A Matter of ACT Award.

Pax-it: What is your vision on Middle East protests?
Ayed Morrar: The protests in Tunis were not really successful and, understandably, it is difficult to reach change if people are under the dictatorship. If power is divided you cannot ask for all the goals to be achieved. It is not enough to ask to reunite- you have to have an initiative, a vision for further activities. We must forecast our main goals, freedom and true peace. In Budrus we managed to unite everyone, representatives of Hamas, of Fatah, even some Israeli soldiers gave up their helmets and joined as at the protest.

Pax-it: Explain your main strategy for peace?
Ayed Morrar: It is usually referred to as a nonviolent, civil and unarmed movement, that uses all the forces of pressure that do not aim at killing, including strikes, boycotting, media, in order to achieve the freedom. The only choice we have is to build an endurable peace, and we want to build it not fight for it, because to fight with misunderstanding means that I am below the other one, and I want to have him below me.

Pax-it: What does peace mean to both of you?
Ayed Morrar: We need our issue to be recognized. One of the solutions could be if there would be one democratic state for both people, or two separate states. We need equal rights, and we need access to power.
Iltezam Morrar: Peace is to have the security, safety and freedom. We still are facing so many obstacles. I want women to take part in a political decision-making process.

Pax-it: Can peace be reached with Israel?
Ayed Morrar: I strongly believe that peace is possible and it will happen. There is a difference between security and safety. Security is when you have the access facilities: hospitals, police, etc. Safety is to feel easily if you have nothing. The fact is that many Jews are becoming devoted Zionist. Religion is given to organize relationships between you and yourself, between you and the others and you and God, though it is not good to connect politics and religion.

Pax-it: Iltezam, what was your role in the protest?
Iltezam Morrar: I asked my father if I can join the movement, and he agreed. There were only two other girls that wanted to participate as well. I initiated women's movement in Budrus.

Pax-it: What can others do to support your mission?
Ayed Morrar: It is important to break the silence and spread the word about the way we want change. We need to raise these issues in mainstream media, provide more in-depth interviews with activists, journalists. Possibilities for participating can be found at

Community Based Security and Citizens Rights, Middle East, The Netherlands

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