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  • PAX declares its support for the peace process in Colombia

    22-02-2016 Peace organisation PAX declares its support for the peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC, which currently is in its final stage. PAX welcomes the establishment of the truth commission and the special courts to try former combatants.

  • More than a million Syrians living under siege in Syria

    21-01-2016 "Starving civilians is not a collateral effect of the conflict in Syria, but a deliberate decision that violates international humanitarian law and can amount to a war crime," says Marjolein Wijninckx, Syria program officer of PAX. "Although proposed air drops should be considered seriously, these are still far from a long-term solution to end the suffering of Syrians under siege. As long as war crimes continue, Syrians will not have any faith in the political process and any agreement will remain words on paper." The UN plans to start peace talks between Syria's government and opposition in Geneva very soon.

    Middle East
  • Hope for peace in South Sudan, but fragmentation still a risk

    19-01-2016 On 22 January, just over 25 months after the start of the civil war in South Sudan, the scheduled formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity will be one of the first major milestones in the peace process. The swearing in of the transitional government would be enormous progress, but nothing in South Sudan is certain and the event may just as easily be postponed. According to the report “Scenarios for South Sudan in 2020” released today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Dutch peace organisation PAX, there is hope for a peaceful future if the 2015 peace agreement is implemented and the peace process opened up beyond the current parties. Otherwise, the human cost will likely be tremendous and the country might even risk complete fragmentation.

  • 'Dutch Development Cooperation is effective and efficient'

    03-09-2015 Independent academic researchers have carried out a large number of in-depth evaluations to assess the results of development programmes implemented by Dutch development organisations in the framework of the Dutch subsidy system MFS II (Co-financing II) between 2012 and 2014. The evaluation was unique in its complexity and size involving over 200 projects implemented in eight countries by 64 Dutch NGOs, that were organised in 19 alliances. The overall conclusion is that Dutch development cooperation is efficient and effective.

  • After ISIS: Urgent need for post conflict peacebuilding in newly accessible areas of Iraq's disputed territory

    16-06-2015 With ISIS retreating from areas previously under its control in Northern Iraq, a comprehensive peacebuilding strategy must be agreed immediately to ensure the safety of all civilians, including both returning communities and those who remained under ISIS control. After ISIS, a new PAX report based on extensive interviews with internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Ninewa Plain in the Kurdish region of Iraq, lays out the serious security concerns at stake and provides proposals to address them.

    Middle East
  • World not delivering on Gaza reconstruction promises, new report warns

    13-04-2015 The international community must urgently change its approach to Gaza and deliver on promises of reconstruction, 46 agencies said today in a new report on the lack of progress since last year's conflict. Peace organisation PAX is under the name United Civilians for Peace, Netherlands, one of the signatories.

    Middle East
  • Cluster bomb scandal: 2014 research reveals explosive investments increase to US$ 27 billion

    27-11-2014 In a new banking and financial investments analysis report that PAX published today, top financial institutions JP Morgan Chase (US), Temasek Holdings (Singapore) and China Everbright Group (China) lead the 2014 Hall of Shame of investors in cluster munitions producers. They are among the top investors of in total 151 financial institutions which continue to provide loans and financial services to producers of these internationally banned weapons. Thirty-six financial institutions from Australia and Europe make it into the 2014 Hall of Fame.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Dutch coal mission takes important step towards remedy for Colombian victims

    25-11-2014 The public appeal made today by five European power companies to coal mining company Drummond to engage into a process of remedy for victims of severe human rights violations is an important breakthrough, says the Dutch peace organization PAX.

    Natural Resources, Conflict & Human Rights, Colombia
  • Religious leaders call for a ban on killer robots

    12-11-2014 Archbishop Desmond Tutu is among more than 70 religious leaders, representatives and faith based organisations that have signed the interreligious declaration calling on states to work towards a global ban on fully autonomous weapons.

    Humanitarian Disarmament
  • Former Dutchbat headquarters in Srebrenica to become museum

    04-07-2014 The former Dutchbat headquarters in Potocari (Srebrenica, Bosnia and Hercegovina) are to be thoroughly renovated, turned into a museum and opened up to the public.

    Community Based Security and Citizens Rights, The Balkans